Tips for Snow Globe Making

This year my daughter and I made snow globes. It was her idea. She saw an episode of Daniel Tiger where they were making them, and she bugged me about it until I saw the light. “Mom, we should make snow globes! It’s super easy, you just glue a little toy on a cap, put water and glitter in the jar, and then close the jar!”

Well, it really is almost that simple. I did some googling and found it works best if you add a touch of glycerin to make sure the glitter stays suspended. I also realized that I needed a hot glue gun, an item I’m almost ashamed to say this Midwestern mom still did not have in her possession. So after a serious trip to the craft store one day, I picked Alzette up from school telling her that we had all the supplies needed to fulfill her dream.


We became a snow globe making factory! Each of her friends received one this season. She had so much fun choosing the figurine and jar for each friend. Along the way we learned a lot about the art of snow globe making. The first globe we made we used the wrong glitter. Who knew there was right and wrong glitter? Hard to describe but the wrong glitter is more like tiny sequins, kind of plastic-like and sticks together with static. So it just clumped together looking more like bubbles than snow (fate would have it that the first figure we used was a mermaid, so the bubble effect worked anyway). You need the powdery metallic stuff to get the right look. Also gold glitter looks more like a sandstorm, and rainbow-colored glitter just looks kind of dirty. Silver really does work best.img_0586

If we put too much glitter it was super fun to shake that much into the jar, but then it was hard to see the figurine. Also, Ball jars are quaint, but really too big for a successful homemade snow globe (unless you find a tall enough figurine). The figures we had were tiny, so the Ball jar lids were too set back and the figurines got lost. They were fun but did not look as good as baby food jars, which make much better snow globes. The caps are almost flush with the jar itself so the figurines are easy to see. If you don’t have a baby in your life get jars of organic apples, it’s just a single serving of really good applesauce!

Next, remember that they each turn out differently, and it’s a homemade snow globe so it’s not going to be perfect. Some of them leaked (the baby food jars have a strange cap so I sealed them with hot glue), and after enough shaking most of the figurines dislodged. For some of them it still looked fine, the figurine is just now part of what you shake along with the glitter. We had a blast making them and it felt good to give people we love something we took time to create with our hands.

Tonight is a special night for our family. Stockings are hung, presents are out, and we’re looking forward to a day of family and relaxation. It’s the end of a big year, and we’re ready to start a new one. So, to review, here are my tips for snow globe making. You might find them useful this holiday season:

1. Keep it small and simple.
2. More is not necessarily better.
3. It won’t be perfect, but that’s why it’s beautiful.
4. Nothing lasts forever.
5. The whole point is doing something fun with or for someone you love.

Merry Christmas and many wishes for a peaceful and happy new year.


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3 Responses to Tips for Snow Globe Making

  1. Natalie says:

    These are amazing tips for the holiday season! What a great post.

  2. Myrna says:

    So cute !

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