Do These Things Now!

My friend is pregnant with her first baby, which is spurring ideas for all sorts of practical first parent advice. On the less practical side, I’m also thinking about how different life becomes after that first child is born. So for non-parents and soon-to-be parents here’s a list of five things you should do a lot and really savor while you don’t have kids:

1. Go to the movie theater! Go again and again. Although if your baby has a certain temperament this is something you should also try to do during the baby’s first two months. Also don’t forget to watch lots of movies at home during those first two months (this is a fun activity to do while nursing) because soon it will be really hard to find 2 consistent hours to watch a movie from start to finish (without wanting to use that time to sleep).

2. Rearrange your closet. Especially if you’re pregnant right now: Pick the household design or cleaning project that is most important to you and do it right now. You’ll never be able to do it again.

3. Take a shower, and launder your bed sheets and pajamas, all in one day. You know that crisp, clean, good-smelling feeling you get when this all comes together? There’s no way your laundry will ever be that coordinated again.

4. Go out to dinner with your partner and hear every word they say. After Baby arrives your conversations will go more like this: “So I said to my boss-honey don’t chew on that-and then I wrote a memo outlining-I’m sorry what did you say?”

5. Be in your house alone. I know right now you feel like you have plenty of alone time and you wish that when you got home from work your partner was already there so you could go out or make dinner together or talk, but really you should just be enjoying the silence; and enjoying the fact that you can walk freely about your home without someone crying for leaving them alone in the other room, that you can run down to the basement just to switch the laundry, and that you can read an entire blog post without having to get up to help the baby get back to sleep.

Of course, after your baby is here you’ll remember these nice things you used to do, but they’ll be replaced with other nice things instead. If you’ve decided to not have kids then read this and be thankful every time you do one of the above!

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