In the Moment

To commemorate Alzette’s upcoming second birthday, we recently had a photo shoot with photographer and friend Jon Hain. Jon’s photos are bold and vibrant, personal and genuine all at the same time. This authenticity comes through during his shoots so it’s no wonder it’s reflected in his photography. Alzette warmed up to Jon right away (he wore a Humpty Dumpty shirt so that they had something to giggle about), and she had a blast running around the yard smelling flowers and playing while the camera clicked away.

alzette-14f0880A beautiful moment captured by Jon Hain.

Photographing a toddler isn’t easy, especially if you’re not a professional. Scott and I used to try to memorialize special “moments” (like, she’s doing something really cute or funny) a lot more than we do now. Usually once we pull out the camera or camcorder it completely distracts her from what she is doing and we’re not able to get the shot. It’s disappointing that we don’t document some of these events, but we also know that what really matters is sharing the experience with her.

I often say that Alzette teaches me how to live, and this is another example of why. Alzette seems to know that we’re not engaged with her in the same way when we’re trying to “capture” something, versus when we’re simply hanging out with her and appreciating whatever awesome thing she’s doing, learning, or discovering. If you get too busy setting up certain moments as you put together the history of your life, you’re left with time to only observe your life happening instead of actually living it.

Of course, it’s still nice to document and create keepsakes of what matters to us most, which is why I appreciate people like Jon who can come over to play documentarian while Scott and I just enjoy the beauty and wonder of Alzette growing up.

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