When talking with other parents, the topic that comes up most frequently (other than sleep) is food. Once your child reaches a certain age, a number of issues start to develop: how to keep them well-fed (sometimes it seems like there is no end to their hunger), how to keep the kitchen stocked with healthy food, how to avoid sugar, how to make meals for the whole family every day without becoming a full-time chef, and how to make a variety of foods to keep your child interested in fruits and vegetables.

Enter my friend Lisa, who has been making delicious homemade snacks and meals for her son since the day he started eating solid foods. She has always had great advice and ideas about food for the whole family (even before we had kids we would bond over our love of cooking, our only quarrels being over names of dishes: her background is Armenian and mine is Syrian so Dolma to her is Yabra to me!).

This weekend Lisa gave me a great recipe that I prepared the very next day. Here it is:

1 banana
1 egg (or 2, depending on the size of the banana)
Blend the two into a pancake-like batter.
Prepare as you would pancakes.

These cakes are delicious, low-carb, full of protein, and have no added sugar. They are ridiculously easy to make. I made 2 cups of batter using 2 bananas and 4 eggs (I added a touch of vanilla) and made breakfast for the whole family. I used a wand blender and just mixed the batter in a 4 cup measuring cup. Alzette absolutely loved them (she started humming to herself with delight after the first bite). Scott and I ate them with strawberries and a bit of blackberry jam. Alzette had a couple bites of strawberry but since she had strawberries yesterday, she wasn’t interested today. This is the type of feeding-your-child challenge I’m talking about! ImageI decided to call these eggcakes. Call them what you like, you will feel good eating them.

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One Response to Eggcakes

  1. Sasha says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing, I am going to try these today!

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