5 Things I Wish I Did Every Week But Don’t

During the last year I’ve compiled a list of things that would make my life a lot better if I did them on a weekly basis. Somehow though I have yet to commit to making them a regular achievement. Here’s what I would do if I stopped procrastinating:

1. Bake something. It seems like whenever I bake a batch of cookies or a pie it eases the cooking duties for the whole week because we have access to an awesome snack.

2. Clean the bathroom and floors. During phases when I do clean weekly, it takes me about half the time to do so compared to when I keep postponing.

3. Ignore the To Do list. I’m becoming a lot better at this. If just once a week I designate a day where I don’t try to get anything done, but instead pay full attention to Alzette and simply relax, I feel rejuvenated for the rest of the week and not as worn out on Friday.

4. Do 1 thing alone. Whether it’s going for a walk, visiting a friend, or going to a yoga class, I need to leave the house just once without Alzette and have some self-time. This is something I’ve been more attentive to lately and it has made a big difference.

5. Write. I’m so glad I started this blog. As I’ve been better at writing more regularly this year, I’ve noticed that it’s a good release and my mind feels more at peace when I do. It’s no wonder that my generation is re-embracing being a mom at home when we have access to sharing our feelings and experiences through resources like blogging.

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