Love in the Neighborhood


I’ve come to appreciate the value of good neighbors more than ever as a parent. Now that my neighborhood is not just a place that I live but the community where Alzette will grow up, being surrounded by good people has become all the more important.

Baking with Sarah

Alzette enjoys baking in our neighbor Sarah’s kitchen.

I think most people anticipate what their neighbors will be like when they move into a new place. Neighbors are that one factor that you really have no control over. You can try to meet people before you make a decision, but there’s no way to know whether that smiling face will turn into a fence-disputing-grass-measuring rival in a few weeks. When we found our new home during my early pregnancy, Scott and I had heard enough horror stories from others that we felt we could do nothing but hope for the best.

And that’s what we got! Seriously, our neighbors are the best. Don’t ask me why we are so lucky, but we’re simply surrounded by friendly and thoughtful people: adults we feel akin to, and kids who play with and also serve as good role models for Alzette. Some have even become stewards of our home through their professions: pruning the trees in our yard and completing electrical projects in our home.

Playing with Eva

Eva and Alzette are the same age and like to get together for play time.


12-year-old Olivia stopped by one day to build Alzette this “ice throne” made out of snow!

I try to celebrate Love every day, and St. Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to do something special. This year I’m particularly grateful to live in a community of individuals who value the importance of a life built on Love and friendship.

Ice Sculptures1 Ice Sculptures2

Alzette has fun playing around the ice sculptures our neighbor created in his yard.

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