What’s a Good Day these Days?

When he comes home from work Scott often asks me how my day was, and I’ve noticed there are certain evenings when I very decidedly say, “today was a good day.” I thought it might be a useful exercise to identify the factors that make it a good day in my life.

Things that make it a good day:

  1. There are no battles over napping.
  2. Alzette naps for an hour and a half.
  3. I get one or two things done on my to do list.
  4. I finish cooking dinner by 6:30.

These things make it a great day:

  1. Alzette takes a three hour nap: I get in my own nap while still waking up in time to do my own things while she is sleeping; I clean the entire bathroom; I get three things done on my to do list.
  2. Alzette has a play date and I feel good about her having a playmate and that I’ve somehow contributed to her social and intellectual development by arranging for her to interact with another human being (and I have stimulating conversation with an adult who is also my friend and parent of said playmate).
  3. Alzette poops in the potty.

And on further thought…

These things make it a bad day:

  1. Alzette falls asleep in the car on the ride home from morning activity and only sleeps for 15 minutes, so I spend an hour or more trying to get her to nap in the afternoon to no avail, and swear once again that I will never spend more than 20 minutes trying to get her to sleep (but every 20 minutes she seems so close!).
  2. I prepare oatmeal for her in the morning and steam carrots in the afternoon, but the only thing she wants to eat is Kix.
  3. At 5pm Alzette gets really needy and then it occurs to me that I haven’t started dinner, so I try to amuse her by looking in the fridge and pantry trying to come up with something to cook. Then I half entertain Alzette and half cook dinner, not doing either very well. Finally at 6:30 I sit her in the high chair and turn on Wheel of Fortune (ridden with guilt but hoping she is at least learning her letters, and feel justified in this logic when I hear her call out gleefully “E!”) at which time I finally give dinner my full attention but don’t finish it until Scott comes home at which point I spin into 15-minute-meal mode while he distracts her and then we all sit down to eat until Alzette starts crying because she wants to go to bed because she’s barely had any nap.

These things make it a really bad day:

  1. Alzette decides to not take any nap at all.
  2. I must scrape the poop off of three cloth diapers, one of which is “the worst one I have ever seen” (there have been about 10 of these, not sure which is truly the worst) meaning that the fact that I am able to successfully prepare this diaper for the laundry bin is proof there is a God.
  3. I have a headache all day from lack of sleep/dehydration.

So as not to end on a bad note, I’ll mention that there are a lot more good days than really bad days.

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