February Magic Indeed

February has always been a special month for me. Yes my birthday is this month but there’s always been something more about it. In February I always feel my most self, feel more empowered to do new things and more energy to accomplish goals. Moreover, at some point in college I started noticing what I call “February magic”  –  it seemed that really amazing (and sometimes unbelievable) things would always happen to me in February. It has always been a good time for me to apply for a new job or focus on other wishes.

With that as context, here’s what I wrote to my best friend this morning:

If what I get excited about these days isn’t a sign of how things have changed I don’t know what is. I’m trying to remember what made me giddy in February when we were in college. I know some of it was academic, but I have a feeling a lot of it was boy-centered.

I went to yoga on Sunday. It was awesome. Overall we had a really beautiful family weekend. Scott’s brother stayed over Friday night (up from a conference in Chicago) and we all went to breakfast in the morning.  But here’s the real magic that’s already happening this month:

Yesterday Alzette POOPED in the POTTY!!!  And then she did it again today!!!

February, it’s good to know you’re still there for me. And that you’re growing up too.

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