Keeping (Part of) the Kitchen Floor Clean

I consider myself a bit of a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. We don’t have a lot of baby furniture, we keep an eye on the number of toys so that they’re not taking over the house, and my “diaper bag” consists of my (now very large) purse with a diapering kit, some snacks, and an extra pair of socks inside.

But there are a few major baby products that I really wouldn’t want to do without. My favorite of these is our Ergo baby carrier, which has made our family a lot more mobile and is invaluable when I need to get things done around the house.

Another baby “thing” I love is Alzette’s high chair, the Antilop from Ikea. Not only is it the cheapest high chair but it’s also the best! Our friends in Milwaukee tipped us off to this item when I was still pregnant, and I’m so thankful they did. The design is simple and looks great in our house, and Alzette has loved it from day one. It’s her little spot just for her – she loves eating there, watching mom cook, watching dad read, and playing with her toys (and sometimes food) there.

When Alzette started being able to feed herself, it was awesome. It made my heart glow to see her so proud to be taking bits of apple or cereal and putting them in her mouth and enjoying every tiny bite. She’s such a great eater and takes her time eating. But it can also create a huge mess on the floor! I am always amazed at how many crumbs, splatters, and noodle pieces can end up under the high chair after just one meal. A lot of the baby food websites suggest putting a shower curtain under the high chair during meals for easy cleanup. What? First of all, who has time to stick a shower curtain under the high chair for every meal? That sounds like a cumbersome ordeal. Secondly, how would this be easy to clean up? Maybe if you live in California, where you can go outside 365 days of the year to hose off the shower curtain, this might work. But even then it sounds like a pain to do this every time. Maybe they meant a piece of a shower curtain or something. Regardless, my friend was visiting in September when she said “what about newspaper?” Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this before? Because I’m a mom, and I have no brain space left for bright ideas. So since then I’ve been putting a sheet of newspaper (a magazine could work too) under the high chair when Alzette eats, and it’s super easy to clean the floor! After the meal (or a few if they’re not too messy), I just crumple up the newspaper and all crumbs and applesauce splatters are taken care of. It’s a good reuse of the paper too.

Yesterday's news can become a handy tool for keeping the kitchen clean.

Yesterday’s news can become a handy tool for keeping the kitchen clean.

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2 Responses to Keeping (Part of) the Kitchen Floor Clean

  1. Ha ha yes! I should probably add that I like this highchair so much that I bought another one off of Craigslist so that Alzette would always have a seat at the table at Wednesday Night Potluck!

  2. Sarah Kate says:

    And that same chair looks great in my dining room, too! 😉

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