St. Nicholas Had it Right

For me the beauty of Christmas lies in its simplicity – a reason to celebrate Love and togetherness and the interconnectedness of all people. As for gifts, I appreciate a small gesture from the heart more than an expensive trinket. It’s sad that these ideas often get lost in the hype, marketing, and general frenzy of consumerism at Christmastime.

One place where this type of innocence is still revered in the United States is on St. Nicholas’ Day. Not everyone celebrates this day, but I’ve always loved St. Nicholas, and thought it would be a good tradition to start for our family. This year we put out some treats for Alzette to find in the morning. An “orange” of course (a tangerine was the perfect size for her shoes), and some Christmas books. It was Scott’s idea to fill the other shoe with dates, and he wrapped them with cellophane and a shiny ribbon. We told Alzette the story of St. Nicholas before heading down to see what he had brought her, and she loved it. The dates were gone in about two minutes, and she reads the Curious George Christmas book about 10 times a day. Score one for simplicity!


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