My Crafty Attempt (Boo!)

As a stay at home mom (I’m still working on a better descriptor than “stay at home”) I feel this strange cultural pressure to make crafts. The source of this pressure is internal, and I mostly feel a desire to do more DIY projects because they are fun and creative but also as a way to save money and use renewable resources for the good of humanity.

I don’t know how good for humanity these “ghosts” are.


 The story of these ghosts starts a year ago, when Scott and I were excited about Alzette’s first Halloween, and the first Halloween in our first home, which meant we would finally be able to answer our door to little trick-or-treaters. Alas, since we live at the end of a one block dead end street, and even though we live in a neighborhood full of kids, not one showed up at our doorstep! We were sorely disappointed (luckily I was breastfeeding like crazy back then so all the extra candy went to good use).

Back to the present day: We’ve gotten to know the neighbors much better and I’ve been promised that at least one of the kids will be ringing our doorbell in the hopes of some sugary treat. Nevertheless, we’re trying to be a little more obvious with our Halloween decorations, and we discovered that we don’t really have many. So last week as I was getting Alzette set for a nap I had the crafty idea to make a little door decoration. I had some extra blue canvas from another project, and some yarn. I took pictures so I could post a little “how-to” and share my delightful homemade creatures with everyone else.

I started by using a metal bowl to draw two circles on the canvas. Alzette helped out with the needed tools.




Then I laughed out loud realizing how pitifully tiny the circles would be once I cut them and how difficult it would be to stuff them with anything. So the whole thing became a lot easier. I just grabbed the scrappy cloths (hey, the scrappier the better when you’re making ghosts), stuffed them with an old sock, and tied some yarn around the necks. Then some yarn to connect the two ghosts and some noose-looking rope to hang them to the door.


I had to practice drawing the eyes before I put marker to canvas. I am new to this crafting thing so it’s best to be cautious.


Here is the final result. They look kind of sad but I suppose I would be too if I were spending my afterlife hanging on the front door of a house which might not even be visited on All Hallows’ Eve. Oh well, at least the canvas matches our shutters.



Happy Halloween everyone. Just remember: your baby doesn’t care what you make as long as you have fun doing it (and really, if you put eyes on just about anything you’ll elicit a smile). Enjoy the process – that goes for you non-parents too!

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2 Responses to My Crafty Attempt (Boo!)

  1. Myrna says:

    in our modern time, at our Dallas museum of art or the Nasher sculpture center, these ghosts are called “Art” to be exhibit for few months for people to admire & discuss, then the artist will come & discuss how he or she made it.

  2. KBT says:

    Cute! And I so agree… have fun as a family and it will be worth your while!

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