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My Crafty Attempt (Boo!)

As a stay at home mom (I’m still working on a better descriptor than “stay at home”) I feel this strange cultural pressure to make crafts. The source of this pressure is internal, and I mostly feel a desire to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Haiku

I finally thought of something cool to do while rocking Alzette to sleep – write a haiku poem! Here’s one I wrote tonight: Showering at night at times seems the greatest change between then and now.

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Snack with a Friend

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Naps Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

First let me underscore the facetiousness of my title. A baby napping is a glorious thing. It’s like whipping cream simply poured onto your slice of apple pie; it’s like an unexpected package that arrives in the mail from a … Continue reading

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There are a lot of things moms (and dads) do that we don’t talk about because we’re afraid to sound like we’re either bad parents or crazy. But as I talk to more and more parents there are some things … Continue reading

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Stroller and a Bike Lock

I love to walk everywhere (I will walk for miles – my motto used to be “I can’t imagine a distance I wouldn’t be able to walk”). But it took me a while to find my groove as far as … Continue reading

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