Car Seat Shopping Made Easy (Seriously!)

One of the most daunting tasks as a new parent is that of shopping for and buying a car seat. There are so many options and you feel like you need to be an expert in car crash safety to buy the right one. Add to this trying to find an affordable model and you’re in for what could entail weeks of stressful research (and trolling of Craigslist ads).

We were spared this torture initially because some kind friends of our friends lent us their infant seat (whoever you are, there are some homemade cookies coming your way). But Alzette will be outgrowing that seat any day now and it’s time to make sure we have the next level ready for when she does.

Today I went to the Kohl’s Safety Center. I was there but an hour and left with a new car seat purchased and installed! It was amazing. The people there were incredibly nice and explained the different safety factors and options between car seats clearly and patiently (not batting an eye at any of my mundane questions). And the car seats there are sold at cost. And they let you try the car seat out (in your car and by baby) before you purchase, and then help you install it before you leave! It’s so great to have resources like this in our community. (By the way, I got the Safety 1st Guide 65, but there were several other makes/models that looked great as well.)

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